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On November 10, 2017, Chapman Farm School launched our first ever Annual Fund. Our goal is to raise $150,000 this school year to expand our programming and resources, including:

Neurodiverse Learning Program. Because CFS is a fit for students of diverse strengths and needs, we are introducing a neurodiverse learning program where individual student strengths can be stretched while areas of weakness are targeted and supported. A gift to our annual fund helps all CFS students understand that they are smart in their own important ways. 

Music Education. Many sixth graders enter CFS with a passion for playing trombone or singing soprano. Because we haven't had a music program in place, students often leave behind their interest in music when they enroll. It shouldn't be this way! A gift to our annual fund keeps the music playing.

Technology Education. An after school affinity for Instagramming just isn't enough! A gift to the annual fund helps CFS students learn to make the apps, not just consume them. 

Emotional Education. While CFS has always made social education a pillar of our students' experience, we are finding that a more comprehensive understanding of their own emotional development is what will really make a difference. A gift to our annual fund will support the creation of a comprehensive, research based emotional education program which will undoubtedly become a model for other learning communities. 

Year-Round Curling for All. CFS loves our one and only sport, curling. We are proud of our team, The Frozen Llamas, but are limited in the amount of students who can participate. A gift to our annual fund will expand curling for our students, and even provide an indoor curling set to use in the school corridor. 

As of April, we have raised over $90,000  for our annual fund. We plan to meet our goal by May 5, 2018.

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