We believe that meaningful learning happens when students are immersed in a dynamic, adaptable environment that honors scientific curiosity, artistic exploration and appreciation, movement, nature, written and spoken communication, reading for knowledge and pleasure, understanding of others and self, and technology.  This multi-disciplinary approach allows for a personalized approach to education is rooted in student strength, interest, and personal motivation.


We fundamentally believe that when students are encouraged to actively work deeply in their areas of competency, they are better able to strengthen their areas of difficulty. 

Working from Student Competencies and Interests

People are more inclined to work hard and explore deeply when guided by their areas of interest. We believe in strengthening students’ natural areas of competency, in preparation for a world that demands specialization.  

Learning that Means Something

Meaningful learning is, at least partly, a social activity; it takes place within the context of culture, community, and prior experience. We believe in learning that provides opportunities to question, analyze, collaborate, fail, and try again, preparing students for life and work in the adult world. 

Rooted in Social Learning and Functioning

The adult world demands social competency. We believe that in order to shine in an area of interest and academic talent, students must have a firm grasp on the social world they participate in. Chapman Farm students have social and emotional education embedded into their daily education. 

Many young people miss out on the opportunity to fully grow into their potential because of challenges with executive functioning and organization skills. We believe that an agenda is useless without instruction. Chapman Farm students have executive functioning support and instruction built into their daily routine.