Faculty & Staff

Katy boucher shamitz

Position: Founding Director
Education: MS (School Counseling), Southern Connecticut State University; BA (Education & Psychology), Stonehill College
A bit about Katy:

  • Katy founded and oversaw Skills for Living, a large, lively social learning community on the South Shore for ten years.
  • She is a lively public speaker, and has trained people locally and nationwide on helping kids develop social skills in a meaningful way. 
  • Katy started her career as a school counselor in the Norwell Public Schools, and was trained as a teacher at an independent school in London, England.

jodie anthony

Position: English & Yoga Teacher
Education: M.Ed. University of New England (Literacy); BA University of Maine (English)
A bit about Jodie:

  • Jodie recently spent three months in India studying yoga and holistic medicine. 
  • She has a golden doodle who loves to take walks in the woods. 
  • Jodie taught English at a private school for eight years. During that time, she hosted exchange students fromThailand, Vietnam, Germany, and Korea. 
  • Jodie drove a tractor-trailer cross country and has travelled through all of  the US States except Hawaii and Colorado! She's been to Alaska three times, and lived on Kodiak Island for three months cleaning up the oil spill in 1989.


Position: Science Teacher
Education: M.Ed. Boston College (Moderate Special Education); BA Boston College, (Elementary Education)
A bit about Meg:

  • Meg is a mom of five kids ranging in age from elementary school through college.
  • Meg taught science in the Norwell Public Schools for ten years.
  • A huge music lover, Meg particularly enjoys 90s alternative rock- Talk to her about U2!
  • Meg student taught in Ireland and has travelled to Russia twice- and adopted one of her children there!

marisa garman

Position: Spanish Teacher
Education: M.Ed. Florida State University (Multilingual & Multicultural Education); BA College of the Holy Cross (Spanish)
A bit about Marisa:

  • Her family is from Puerto Rico.
  • Marisa has taught Spanish and tutored students at all levels, from pre-school to college. 
  • Marisa is a freelance editor for Spanish textbooks.
  • Marisa loves to travel, seek cultural adventures, and play outdoor sports with her family and her dog Raya.
  • Marisa once ran with the bulls in Spain.

Lisa grize

Position: Art Teacher
Education: BA (Art, Graphic Design) Western Connecticut State University
A bit about Lisa:

  • Lisa has many unique talents, including drawing trees, creating floats, and innovating original costumes. 
  • Lisa has a knack for planning extreme birthday parties. Past events have included: Willy Wonka, Underwater Adventures, and The Rainbow Fish.
  • Lisa is a huge Boston sports fan. For her 16th birthday, she was at the game when Yaz hit his 400th home run. 
  • Lisa's kids, Veronica and Will, are proud of her hard work ethic, dedication, kindness, self confidence, and originality. 

Maureen kramer

Position: Wellness Specialist
Education: BA, St. Michael's College; BSN, University of New Hampshire
A bit about Maureen:

  • Maureen has held many interesting jobs, including (but not limited to): Nurse at Boston Children's Hospital, Teacher at the New England Center for Autism and the Massasoit School, member of moving services for a military base, ice cream scooper, donut maker, and an internship that included such duties as driving the Governor of Massachusetts (one of those times was Maureen's first ever driving in the city!
  • In addition to nursing, Maureen is certified in a number of holistic therapies including Reiki and Craniosacral therapy.
  • Of all the jobs she has held, her favorite is being the mother to her two kids, Molly and Ryan. 


Position: Mathematics Teacher
Education: BA Bridgewater State University
A bit about Liz:

elizabeth lynn hall.jpg
  • Liz has always had a passion for mathematics since a very young age and tutored advanced math for several years in her twenties.
  • Before joining Chapman Farm School, Liz ran a Graphic Design business. 
  • Liz was recently trained at the Making Math Real institute with David Berg in CA. Making Math Real is the first and only simultaneous multisensory structured methodology to successfully transfer the hands-on experience of concrete mathematics to its specific reconstruction in abstract, symbolic form.
  • Liz grew up on the South Shore, and is a mom to an active 4 year old son named Declan.
  • In her free time, Liz enjoys hiking the Lakes Region of NH, drawing, and refinishing furniture!


Position: Social Studies Teacher
Education: M.Ed., Fitchburg State University- in progress (Moderate Special Education); B.S., Boston University (Social Studies Education)
A bit about Andrew:

  •  Andrew lives in Quincy.
  • He loves traveling and has been to 14 states and 8 countries.
  • Andrew has had many jobs that include carousel operator, ice cream scooper, cashier, restaurant host, pizza delivery driver, bartender, resident advisor, and office assistant - but being a teacher is his favorite!
  • Andrew would usually rather watch concerts and plays than sports, but he loves the Boston Red Sox.