Gaffield Park, Norwell

69-93 River St, Norwell, MA 02061

Ages: Toddlers- Bigger Kids

Type of Turf: Wood chips (older)
Number of Benches: 9
Number of Picnic Tables: 3 big, 2 little

Fun Factor: ★★★★★
Interesting Equipment:  ★★★★
Swing Variety: ★★★
Uniqueness: ★★★★
Shade: ★★★★★
Relaxation Potential: ★★★★
Friendliness of People: ★★★


Gaffield Park has a lot of stuff for little kids and big kids. Our group went to Gaffield Park and we played on the zip line a lot. We also enjoyed the two tire swings. On the zip line, the platforms were small, and little kids could possibly fall backwards. You should come here if you like big shady playgrounds and interesting structures.

  Cavan shows the potential "chaos" on the seahorse.

Cavan shows the potential "chaos" on the seahorse.

The seahorse ride gets more fun and chaotic the bigger you are. It’s not just for toddlers.
— Nick, 11
This playground is varied in complexity levels. On one hand, there is a lot for little kids, but there are also many things for much older kids.
— Parker, 11
  The older kids try out the tire swing.

The older kids try out the tire swing.

I really liked that the swings went really high easily. At my old school, the swings would take like ten minutes to go this high.
— Victoria, 11

Gaffield Park is in Norwell, Massachusetts, about 10 minutes from exit 13.