Friendship Park, West Bridgewater

80 Howard St, West Bridgewater, MA

Ages: All Ages

Type of Turf: Wood chips

Fun Factor: ★★★★★ 
Interesting Equipment:  ★★★★
Swing Variety: ★★
Uniqueness: ★★★★
Shade: ★★★
Relaxation Potential: ★★★
Friendliness of People: ★★★

It was really hot on the day we visited Friendship Park, but reviewers were very happy with  the giant, shady tree that the park seemed to be designed around. 

Reviewers found the equipment interesting, and admired that designers didn't worry about safety so much that they took the fun away. "You could probably fall off something here," one reviewer said, "but it would really be your own fault."

Reviewers mentioned that there were a fair amount of smaller kids, but that their parents were "really reasonable and not all panicked about bigger kids sharing the playground."

Best of the summer.
— Theo, 8
There is plenty of shade, thanks to this big old tree.
— Jacob, 10
The slides are great, and there are plenty of fun ways to access them.
— Madison, 9

Friendship Park is located off of Route 106 in W Bridgewater, not far from exit 16 on Route 24.