Imagination Station, Randolph

240 North Street, Randolph

Ages: Younger-Older Kids

Type of Turf: Rubber

Fun Factor: ★★★★★ 
Interesting Equipment:  ★★★★
Swing Variety: ★★★
Uniqueness: ★★★★★
Shade: ★★★
Relaxation Potential: ★★★★
Friendliness of People: n/a

The Randolph Imagination is a hidden gem, especially on a dreary day. To access the park, you cross over a wooden bridge that feels like it's out of a children's story. 

Once across, kids of all ages are met with unique, multi-sensory play opportunities. Even the teachers loved the xylophones. 

I loved the xylophone more than anything.
— Jacob, 8
The slide was really fast, probably because it was wet. I launched into the air.
— Bella, 11
There is a stick next to a flower off to the side. If you push the button, something magical happens. If you’re there on a dreary day, you might be the only one to notice.
— Tyler, 10

Imagination Station is located at 240 North Street in Randolph, Massachusetts.