Futures at CFS Summer Program

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The Futures at CFS Summer Program, also lovingly known as "Van Camp," allows students entering grades 3-6 to experience the real-life, community focused experience of Chapman Farm School. 

A South Shore summer provides natural opportunities for kids to work on developing self-awareness, problem solving abilities, and emotional-regulation skills. Whether it is through purposefully direct small group instruction or "in the moment" during active, diverse, real-life experiences, participants will grow from the ongoing support of our experienced, highly qualified, multi-disciplinary staff of educators trained in Social Thinking®, sensory regulation, and cognitive behavioral techniques.

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We take our program on the road. Every. Single, Day.

Rather than staying cooped up in a facility or doing the same traditional camp activities day in and day out, participants will meet up in Norwell, then head out on a rotating schedule of thematic, educational, and fun adventures in a variety of locations- from Boston to Cape Cod. 

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  • Museums. Participants will visit a variety of museums in the Boston area, spanning a range of enriching topics such as art, technology, local history, and natural sciences. They will learn to work on museum manners, traveling with a group, noticing, listening, and following a group plan.

  • Swimming. Kids will look forward to a day at the beach- swimming, hunting for rocks and shells, learning about aquatic creatures, building colossal sandcastles as a group, or relaxing in the shade.

  • Active History. Participants will learn to take the social perspective of others- across nearly 400 years of Boston and South Shore history, and we be able to answer questions such as: What were the expectations of a child in 17th century Plimoth? What were some of Abigail Adams' concerns as a strong, colonial woman? What was it like to be a shipbuilder during WWII? Wednesdays will show kids that history is very much alive in our area- and we have plenty to learn.

  • Fun! Despite all of the learning we pack in, we never neglect fun, and always welcome an opportunity to answer the age-old question: "Are we there yet?" We aren't afraid to travel a bit beyond the South Shore, and often enjoy destinations on Cape Cod, in Rhode Island, and in Southern New Hampshire.


Enrollment is very limited, with only 12 spaces for students entering grades 3-6. Priority is given to entering Chapman Farm School students and past participants. We do expect openings in 2019. To inquire about a space, please contact Donna Furtado at donnafurtado@chapmanfarmschool.org.