Futures at CFS Summer Program

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The Futures at CFS Summer Program, also lovingly known as "Van Camp," allows students entering grades 3-6 to experience the real-life, community focused experience of Chapman Farm School. 

A South Shore summer provides natural opportunities for kids to work on developing self-awareness, problem solving abilities, and emotional-regulation skills. Whether it is through purposefully direct small group instruction or “in the moment” during active, diverse, real-life experiences, participants will grow from the ongoing support of our experienced, highly qualified, multi-disciplinary staff of educators trained in Social Thinking®, sensory regulation, and cognitive behavioral techniques.

We take our program on the road. Every. Single. Day.

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Rather than staying cooped up in a facility or doing the same traditional camp activities day in and day out, participants will meet up in Norwell, then head out on a rotating schedule of thematic, educational, and fun adventures in a variety of locations- from Boston to Cape Cod. 

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  • Museum Mondays: Participants will visit a variety of museums in the Boston area, spanning a range of enriching topics such as art, technology, local history, and natural sciences. They will learn to work on museum manners, travelling with a group, noticing, listening, and following a group plan.

  • Tidal Tuesdays: Kids will look forward to a day at the beach- swimming, hunting for rocks and shells, learning about aquatic creatures, building colossal sandcastles as a group, or relaxing in the shade.

  • “What Happened Here?” Wednesdays: Participants will learn to take the social perspective of others- across nearly 400 years of Boston and South Shore history, and we be able to answer questions such as: What were the expectations of a child in 17th century Plimoth? What were some of Abigail Adams’ concerns as a strong, colonial woman? What was it like to be a shipbuilder during WWII? Wednesdays will show kids that history is very much alive in our area- and we have plenty to learn.

  • Think and Do Thursdays: On Thursdays, we head to the farm in East Bridgewater to think about a range of topics (experiential math, natural science, animals, and technology) while we do meaningful jobs and activities (forest based adventures, animal care, woodworking, rocketry, cooking, and gardening to name a few).

  • Fun Fridays: Fridays are all about fun, and answering the age-old question: “Are we there yet?” We will travel just a bit farther than usual to enjoy destinations on Cape Cod and in Southern New Hampshire.


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Enrollment is very limited, with only 12 spaces for students entering grades 3-6. Priority is given to past participants and their siblings. To inquire about a space on the waitlist for Summer 2018, please contact Donna Furtado at donnafurtado@chapmanfarmschool.org.